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Eat Right 4 Your Type

Eat Right 4 Your Type Summary

Based on decades of research and practical application, Eat Right 4 Your Type offers an individualized diet-and-health plan that is right for you.

If you’ve ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you’re right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type.

Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling health problems.

In this revised and updated edition of Eat Right 4 Your Type, you will learn:

  • Which foods, spices, teas, and condiments will help maintain your optimal health and ideal weight
  • Which vitamins and supplements to emphasize or avoid
  • Which medications function best in your system
  • Whether your stress goes to your muscles or to your nervous system
  • Whether your stress is relieved better through aerobics or meditation
  • Whether you should walk, swim, or play tennis or golf as your mode of exercise
  • How knowing your blood type can help you avoid many common viruses and infections
  • How knowing your blood type can help you fight back against life-threatening diseases
  • How to slow down the aging process by avoiding factors that cause rapid cell deterioration


About the Author

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is an internationally-acclaimed naturopathic physician, researcher, and lecturer, as well as the author of the New York Times best-selling Eat Right 4 Your Type book series. His extensive research and clinical testing of the connections between blood type, health, and disease has garnered worldwide recognition and led to groundbreaking work on many illnesses. The world-famous immunologist, Dr. Gerhard Uhlenbruck of the University of Cologne, Germany, has called Dr. D’Adamo “one of the most creative scientists in the Western world.”
Catherine Whitney is the coauthor of numerous bestselling books on health and wellness.

Eat Right 4 Your Type Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

The Work of Two Lives

I believed that no two people on the face of the earth were alike; no two people have the same fingerprints, lip prints, or voiceprints. No two blades of grass or snowflakes are alike. Because I felt that all people were different from one another, I did not think it was logical that they should eat the same foods. It became clear to me that since each person was housed in a special body with different strengths, weaknesses, and nutritional requirements, the only way to maintain health or cure illness was to accommodate that particular patient’s specific needs.

James D’Adamo, my father

YOUR BLOOD TYPE IS THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS THE DOOR to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality, and emotional strength. Your blood type determines your susceptibility to illness, which foods you should eat, and how you should exercise. It is a factor in your energy levels, in the efficiency with which you “burn” calories, in your emotional response to stress, and perhaps even in your personality.

The connection between blood type and diet may sound radical, but it is not. We have long known that there was a missing link in our comprehension of the process that leads either to the path of wellness or to the dismal trail of disease. There had to be a reason why there were so many paradoxes in dietary studies and disease survival. There also had to be an explanation for why some people were able to lose weight on particular diets, while others were not; why some people retained vitality late in life, while others deteriorated mentally and physically.

Blood type analysis has given us a way to explain these paradoxes. And the more we explore the connection, the more valid it becomes.
Blood types are as fundamental as creation itself. In the masterly logic of nature, blood types follow an unbroken trail from the earliest moment of human creation to the present day. They are the signature of our ancient ancestors on the indestructible parchment of history.

Now we have begun to discover how to use the blood type as a cellular fingerprint that unravels many of the major mysteries surrounding our quest for good health. This work is an extension of the recent groundbreaking findings concerning human DNA. Our understanding of blood type takes the science of genetics one step further by stating unequivocally that every human being is utterly unique. There is no right or wrong lifestyle or diet; there are only right or wrong choices to be made based on our individual genetic codes.

How I Found the Missing Blood Type Link

MY WORK in the field of blood type analysis is the fulfillment of a lifetime pursuit—not only my own but also my father’s. I am a second-generation naturopathic physician. Dr. James D’Adamo, my father, graduated from naturopathic college (a four-year postgraduate program) in 1957 and later studied in Europe at several of the great spas. He noticed that although many patients did well on strict vegetarian and low-fat diets, which are the hallmarks of “spa cuisine,” a certain number of patients did not appear to improve, and some did poorly or even worsened.

A sensitive man with keen powers of deduction and insight, my father reasoned that there should be some sort of blueprint that he could use to determine differences in the dietary needs of his patients. He rationalized that since blood was the fundamental source of nourishment to the body, perhaps some aspect of the blood could help identify these differences. My father set about testing this theory by blood-typing his patients and observing individualized reactions when they were prescribed different diets.

Through the years and with countless patients, a pattern began to emerge. He noticed that patients who were Type A seemed to do poorly on high-protein diets that included generous portions of meat, but did very well on vegetable proteins such as soy and tofu. Dairy products tended to produce copious amounts of mucous discharge in the sinuses and respiratory passages of Type A.

When told to increase their levels of physical activity and exercise, Type As usually felt fatigued and unwell; when they performed lighter forms of exercise, such as yoga, they felt alert and energized.
On the other hand, Type O patients thrived on high-protein diets, and they felt invigorated by intense physical activities, such as jogging and aerobics. The more my father tested the different blood types, the greater his conviction became that each of them followed a distinct path to wellness.

Inspired by the saying “One man’s food is another man’s poison,” my father condensed his observations and dietary recommendations into a book he titled One Man’s Food. When the book was published in 1980, I was in my third year of naturopathic studies at Seattle’s John Bastyr College. During this time revolutionary gains were being achieved in naturopathic education. The goal of Bastyr College was nothing less than to produce the complete alternative physician, the intellectual and scientific equal of a medical internist, but with specialized naturopathic training.

For the first time naturopathic techniques, procedures, and substances could be scientifically evaluated with the benefits of modern technology. I waited for an opportunity to research my father’s blood type theory. I wanted to assure myself that it carried valid scientific weight. My chance came in 1982, my senior year, when, for a clinical rounds requirement, I began scanning the medical literature to see if I could find any correlation between the ABO blood types and a predilection for certain diseases and whether any of this supported my father’s diet theory.

Since my father’s book was based on his subjective impressions of the blood types rather than on an objective method of evaluation, I wasn’t certain that I would be able to find any scientific basis for his theories. But I was amazed at what I learned.

My first breakthrough came with the discovery that two major diseases of the stomach were associated with blood type. The first was the peptic ulcer, a condition often related to higher-than-average stomach-acid levels. This condition was reported to be more common in people with Type O blood than in people with other blood types. I was immediately intrigued since my father had observed that Type O patients did well on animal products and protein diets—foods that require more stomach acid for proper digestion.

The second correlation was an association between Type A and stomach cancer. Stomach cancer was often linked to low levels of stomach acid production, as was pernicious anemia, another disorder found more often in Type A individuals. Pernicious anemia is related to a lack of vitamin B-12, which requires sufficient stomach acid for its absorption.

As I studied these facts I realized that on the one hand, Type O blood predisposed people to an illness associated with too much stomach acid, while on the other hand, Type A blood predisposed people to two illnesses associated with too little stomach acid.

That was the link I’d been looking for. There absolutely was a scientific basis for my father’s observations. And so began my ongoing love affair with the science and anthropology of the blood types. In time, I found that my father’s initial work on the correlation between blood type, diet, and health was far more significant than even he had imagined.

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Eat Right 4 Your Type

Eat Right 4 Your Type PDF

Product details:

EditionInternational Edition
ISBN0399584161, 978-0399584169
Posted onDecember 27, 2016
Page Count432 pages
Author Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, Catherine Whitney

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Based on decades of research and practical application, Eat Right 4 Your Type offers an individualized diet-and-health plan that is right for you.


Author: Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, Catherine Whitney

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