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Table of Contents

Straight Outta Dade County 2

Straight Outta Dade County 2 Summary

Straight Outta Dade County 2: A Dem Boyz From Da Bottom Spin Off, In part one of the Straight Outta Dade County Series, we were introduced to Alecia Jackson and Montana King. Alecia put up one heck of a fight against Montana, but after one romantic night in Mexico, he was able to knock down her walls, and the two of them decide to give this relationship thing a try. Unfortunately, just as quickly as it started, it’s already on the path to ending.

What does Alecia do when her brother is convinced that her boyfriend, Montana, was involved in the robbery and shooting that left him paralyzed five years ago? Does she automatically side with her brother, just because he’s blood, or does she choose to believe her man? The pressure is on, and it’s time for Alecia to make a decision. She must choose quickly because guns have been drawn. Her decision will cause problems regardless of where she lands, and a relationship may be broken that can’t be mended.

About the Author

Diamond D. Johnson and I are a five-year, Urban Fiction author, with over 70 books up under my belt. I’m born and raised in tropical Miami, Florida, and reading and writing has always been a big passion of mine. Some of my favorite authors are Wahida Clark, Erick S. Gray, Shavon Moore, and Nika Michelle.

One of my favorite things to say is that “Wahida Clark walked so I could run” and I say that because it was because I picked up a book of hers and I became inspired to write a book of my own. Before writing become my full-time job, I was going to school full time, seeking a degree in education, working part time at Publix supermarkets, while reading at least ten books every month. I knew that I wanted to write a book one day of my own, but to me, I just didn’t know where to start.

This was one of those things, where I had to just do it! I did so much research and nothing really prepares you and there will never be a guideline, that shows you the proper way to write your first book. The talent is deep within you and it’s just a matter of you finding that talent and being brave enough to show your creativity with the world. For me, writing just started out for something for me to do on my free time.

There was a strong means for me to write a book, simply because I knew I had the talent and because I would spend countless amounts of hours reading other authors crafts, so it was time for me to put my talents to work. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would have written over 70 books and that writing would be my career.

I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world because when I wake up every morning, I’m content with knowing that I have a career doing something that I enjoy, even though this is a very demanding career to be in. On my free time, when I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the mall, especially shopping for my daughter because I love fashion, and I also enjoy watching movies. Feel free to contact me and follow me on any of my social media platforms.

Straight Outta Dade County II Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

We switching up some of you nigga’s posts. Because of loyalty, I never put y’all in Montana’s territory, but lately, me and this nigga ain’t been seeing eye to eye, so fuck all that loyalty shit. Because I know Montana is the kind of nigga who likes to ride by, just to make sure his corner boys are positioned where they supposed to be, it’s a big chance that if he sees you niggas pushing weight on a corner that belongs to him, he gon’ want to know who y’all pushing weight for. Tell ’em Caesar. That’s all that nigga needs to know,

I said, standing out in the middle of the woods with at least twenty niggas who worked for my organization.

Not me, Jace, and Montana’s shit. This was my shit! An organization that I built five years ago because I knew the day would come when me and Montana would fall out. And because I knew the kind of nigga Montana was, if that day ever came when we stopped fuckin’ with each other, I knew he would make me walk, and he would be the one to keep the business, although the three of us had built that shit from the ground up.

Montana was a territorial ass nigga, so there was no way in hell he would just split the business with me down the middle if we ever went to war. So, five years ago, I started playing that shit real fuckin’ smart.

I had to be two steps ahead of this nigga because he was usually the kind of man who didn’t let anything surprise him, and he liked to think he was in the loop of everything taking place around him. That nigga didn’t even know that for the past five years, I had been running my own drug enterprise.

Now, when I decided to run my own shit, I could have easily just left the business that I was part of with Montana, but I would have been walking away from too much money. In a bad month, I’ll bring in at least one hundred thousand from the business that I had with Montana, so I’d be a fool to walk away from that because of pride and whatever ill feelings I had toward that nigga.

My organization wasn’t as big and successful as Montana’s, which is the only reason I’ve stuck around, even though this nigga treated me like the help and like he didn’t need me anymore since he had Teddy. Five years ago, when I came up with this idea to start my own shit, the first thing I had to ask myself was where the fuck was I going to get a connect.

The connect we used with Montana was a Spanish cat from Cuba named Andres, who was the same connect that Montana’s father, Marco, used to use. So, although it was business with Montana and Andres, their relationship was also personal. I’ve met Andres multiple times over the years with Montana and Jace whenever we flew up there to meet with him on some business shit.

Over the years, we’ve established a good relationship with Andres. He would give us product at a great cost that our crew could move faster than any organization he’d ever had to supply. He never had to worry about our money being off or even being fronted too much product that we wouldn’t be able to distribute into the streets within a reasonable time frame. Andres had some of the best drugs out.

Now, weed was the only drug that I fucked with, but every now and then, just to test the quality of the coke, I’d stick a finger in and taste it. The quality of the shit Andres supplied us was top of the fuckin’ line.

Naturally, you would think that when I decided to start my own organization, I would have hit up Andres and discussed purchasing from him. But Andres was big on loyalty, and because he looked at Montana as a nephew or some shit, that nigga would probably blow my fuckin’ head off if he knew I was going behind Montana’s back and putting myself in position to become his competition and not his partner.

Yeah, Andres would make more money with me copping weight from him, but I was still under handing a friend, which would have me looking disloyal.

There were other plugs that I could have copped work from, but not everyone’s product was top of the fuckin’ line like Andres’ was. There was one, though. He was headquartered in Mexico, and his name was Fernando. I flew out there to meet with him, and his prices were double what Andres charged us. I didn’t know if that motha fucka was charging me double because he wanted to test me to make sure I had the money or what, but I wasn’t paying double for shit, especially when I was used to paying a certain amount.

When I built this organization, it was just me and two little niggas, Santiago and Kareem. Santiago was twenty when I brought him around. He was bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, so when I flew out to Mexico to meet with Fernando, I’d brought Santiago with me as a translator because Fernando only spoke Spanish.

Santiago used to move weight for Orion back when that nigga had the luxury of moving his two feet. He told me how that nigga Orion had way too many niggas working for him, so the money was divided too many ways. Santiago felt like he wasn’t eating the way he should’ve been, so he stopped working for that nigga.

He was the one who told me about Fernando. Santiago knew all about drops and pretty much all the ins and outs of Orion’s business, which is why I knew about the drop that took place five years ago. I had Santiago, Kareem, and two other niggas that Santiago had brought over to work for the team, and we showed up to the drop, guns loaded, airing that bitch out.

Orion was the only nigga from his side who survived that shit. The rest of his niggas was put the fuck down. On some real shit, if that shit were to have happened to me, I would have rather died. How the fuck Ima call myself a man, and I can’t even get around on my own two feet?

Those drugs we stole were the same drugs that I used to build up a team, and in a week, all that shit was distributed in the streets. I flew my ass back to Mexico with Santiago, met with Fernando, and slapped that money on the table, letting him know that it was me who stole his shit, sold it, and I was back to purchase double the product.

He wanted me to prove myself to him, and I was sure that wasn’t what he meant by proving myself, but I never did shit that people expected from me. I always made sure to go over and beyond. Fernando has been my plug ever since. I had been going by Caesar, and for months, Montana had been saying he could feel that something else had my attention, and this was it.

I was glad I’d decided to run my own shit because I knew the day would come when I would have to. On top of that, for the past few years, I could hear the tone of Montana’s voice changing when it came to his love for the game. It just sounded like something he no longer wanted any parts of.

The only way I ever planned to walk away from this shit is if I was shot the fuck down, or them crackas slapped some cuffs on me and buried me under the prison. I wouldn’t willingly walk away from this shit like that bitch ass nigga.

So, if I had my own organization, why did I continue to work for Montana? I questioned myself on that shit often, especially since me and that nigga been going at it heavy these days, but it was too much money that I would be walking away from. It all came down to me just being a greedy ass nigga and wanting my funds in every way I could get them. That, and I wanted to stick around, just so I could tell that nigga, “I told you so,” when he realized that Teddy’s bitch ass ain’t built for this shit the way me, Montana, and Jace were.

That nigga hadn’t even been in the fuckin’ game for five years, yet he was supposed to be the motha fucka that a crew of niggas was supposed to listen to. If shit got too bad, though, and I could no longer stand to be around Montana, I would leave. I would have to kill the nigga first, though.

“Boss man, I don’t want to question your rules or no shit like that, but you think that’s smart for us to take our asses down to blocks that we know for a fact Montana’s niggas push weight out of? I feel like that’s a death sentence. Even if Montana don’t see us with his own two eyes, pushing weight on his corners, you know them niggas going to hit ’em up and let him know what we out there doing.

That nigga crazy. He’ll spray that whole fuckin’ block up,” Cory, one of the corner boys, said. He was nineteen years old. His young ass dropped out of high school his sophomore year and had been out on the corner, pushing dope for me ever since.

You scared, nigga? Let me find out I have a pussy working for me. If you or any of the rest of you niggas are scared, now is your chance to walk the fuck up out of here. I don’t need no bitches working for me. This a grown man’s game. If you looking for a job that’s safe, put in a motha fuckin’ application at Burger King or some shit,” I spat.

None of the niggas moved, nor did any of them respond to what I said.

After that, I went over a few more changes that were going to happen within the company, and then the meeting was over. Niggas jumped in their rides and pulled off. It left just me and Santiago out there. He was becoming my right-hand man. We had a bond that was similar to the one Montana and I used to have.

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Straight Outta Dade County 2

Straight Outta Dade County II PDF

Product details:

EditionKindle Edition
Posted onMarch 17, 2022
Page Count592 pages
AuthorDiamond D. Johnson

Straight Outta Dade County 2 PDF Free Download - HUB PDF

Straight Outta Dade County 2: A Dem Boyz From Da Bottom Spin Off, In part one of the Straight Outta Dade County Series, we were introduced to Alecia Jackson and Montana King. Alecia put up one heck of a fight against Montana, but after one romantic night in Mexico, he was able to knock down her walls, and the two of them decide to give this relationship thing a try. Unfortunately, just as quickly as it started, it’s already on the path to ending.


Author: Diamond Johnson

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