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Table of Contents

Ruins of Chaos - Legacy of the Nine Realms 3

Ruins of Chaos – Legacy of the Nine Realms 3 Summary

Ruins of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms) Aria’s in the hands of her enemies, and things are going from bad to worse. Those who she thought were allies have become enemies, and enemies have become allies. On top of that, Knox’s history is unraveling, and it might just be Aria’s undoing. Will they overcome what was done to the Nine Realms?

Or will the truth destroy them both? Aria’s plans are all coming apart and with everything on the line, how far will Aria go to protect those she loves from Knox’s anger?

About the Author

Amelia Hutchins is a WSJ and USAT Bestselling author of the Monsters, The Fae Chronicles, and Lacy of the Nine Realms series. She is an admitted coffee addict who drinks magical potions of caffeine and turns them into magical worlds. She writes alpha-hole males and the alpha women who knock them on their arses, hard. Amelia doesn’t write romance.

She writes fast-paced books that go hard against traditional standards. Sometimes a story isn’t about the romance; it’s about rising to a challenge, breaking through it like a wrecking ball, and shaking up entire worlds to discover who they really are. If you’d like to check out more of her work, or just hang out with an amazing tribe of people who enjoy rough men and sharp women

Ruins of Chaos – Legacy of the Nine Realms 3 Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

My eyes slid over the dead warriors lying beside camp followers and witches alike. Outside of the keep, the putrid scent of death filled the air. Kneeling, I turned over a warrior, his sightless eyes covered in a milky-white film of death. Studying his body, I noted the lack of injury before standing and staring at the ravens feasting on the dead.

One raven sat fixated on me, an eyeball hanging from its beak, then dropping it loose. Opening its mouth, it forced out a loud gurgling croak before retrieving its find and taking to the sky. Hounds had moved in, growling while ripping parts and pieces from the deceased, unbothered by our presence as we walked through them, searching for any signs of injury that would explain the deaths.

“Well, they didn’t just drop dead all on their own, but I can’t see a cause of death,” Brander stated, holding his forearm against his nose.

I undid the sash from my waist, tying it over my mouth and nose before kneeling beside the next warrior who had fallen onto another body. I noted the marking on the woman’s wrist below him, watching with unease as something moved beneath her lips, forcing them to part. A rat pushed from her mouth, squealing and scurrying across the field, away from those interrupting his supper.

“Nothing but fucking scavengers are alive within this keep and its village. I see no wounds and no trace of dark magic that would have brought them down without a full assault. They had magic protecting them,” I stated, standing to nod at the six-foot towers of smoky quartz that marked each corner of the camp. “The land remains purified and protected, yet something powerful got through their wards and spells. This keep is one of the older, more powerful strongholds in which we trade, yet their lord and lady sit headless, with no other signs of injury, and all their guards lay dead but unwounded.”

Someone massacred every village we passed through on the way here. Bodies were shredded and mutilated until they were unidentifiable as human or anything else. Either the dark witches had grown bolder, or they no longer fought alone. They hung people and enjoyed their victim’s deaths as entertainment before removing their heads. “Whoever went through those villages before us, relished in the deaths of their inhabitants. My guess is the beasts that fled from the Kingdom of Unwanted Beasts joined forces with Ilsa. I can’t explain this shit, though. It is morbid and just fucking wrong,” I said, sliding my attention over the chaos.

They pillaged most of the annexed villages we’ve protected and used for trade, slaughtering all life, sparing no one. I agreed it didn’t seem like something witches would do. Then rumors surfaced from those who had seen the unwanted beasts slaughtering and creating chaos in villages that had joined the trade agreement with Norvalla. Suddenly the thought of them joining the dark witches seemed plausible, but what were the unwanted beasts gaining in return?

The high queen was trying to stop Norvalla from receiving food or other goods that supplied my kingdom. It was a bloodbath, one meant to send a warning to any of the villages wishing to join the annex, and I’d failed to protect them.

I hadn’t expected Garrett, the newly crowned King of Unwanted Beasts, to change sides in the war. After what Aria had done to her sister, Amara, his wife, I should have predicted it, but I was too focused on recapturing Aria, knowing that she held the keys to winning this war.

“I don’t see any sign of the council among the bodies,” Brander stated, drawing me from my thoughts and reminding me of the purpose of this journey since they had sent for me. Maybe it was a ruse, and the council was never here.

“What about the tents?” I peered at the camp that sat off to the side.

“Haven’t made it that far,” he admitted.

I moved toward a tent, withdrawing blades and using one to pull back the flap. Inside was a witch, straddling a warrior mid-fuck, both dead and bloated. Sightless eyes stared toward me, and I frowned. I moved deeper into the tent with Brander on my heels, both of us barely containing the need to gag as the heat made the scent of death overpowering without the wind and breeze to carry it away.

Staring at their eyes and the way they looked at the flap, my blood curdled. They’d seen their death coming. Their mouths were open, as were the others outside the tent. The witch’s corpse slid to the side, and Brander withdrew his blade as rats emerged from the warrior’s chest. Chew marks covered the witch’s stomach as if the rodents had gnawed on her to escape his stomach. Brander swore, covering his mouth as their bodies released gasses, and the witch’s mouth opened further, dispelling more rats from her corpse.

“This is so fucking wrong. They’re rotten from the inside out.” Brander continued to gag on the rancid taste of death filling the tent.

I moved outside to check the other shelters, finding each pair of eyes within, staring at the entrance. They’d looked upon whoever had delivered death to the inhabitants surrounding and within the stronghold. Standing in the middle of the camp, I swallowed down the urge to scream in frustration.

“Beasts didn’t kill here. This is the work of dark witches, and they didn’t fear someone overpowering them.” I eyed the keep and pointed at the battlement wall. “I’m going up to get a better look at the carnage from above.”

I moved through the dead, passing over the corpses while ignoring the carrion birds that continued to feast on the deceased. Green water filled the moat, and bloated bodies were half in and out of the water as if they’d drank from the cesspool upon death.

Unlucky bastards.

The gatehouse was open, which wasn’t surprising with the full force of an army camped out front. The portcullis was raised, and bodies hung from the wrought-iron gates on each side of the opening. I looked to the ceiling and found the men guarding the entrance slumped in death, hanging from the murder holes from which they should have laid siege, but there was no evidence of battle. Beyond the gates, more bodies covered the inner courtyard and the grounds leading to the castle.

Within the keep was a grotesque display of well-orchestrated deaths. Men and women sat before a rotted meal, their severed heads placed before them. Food shoved in their mouths, which were wide open, frozen in horrified screams as if the stiffness of death had set in immediately.

The display was a warning meant for me. It also told me that the witches weren’t alone since they didn’t typically remove their victim’s heads. The evil bitches didn’t like to get their hands dirty, choosing to use their magic instead.

I forewent seeing it again and moved up the stairs of the battlement wall, cresting it to peer out over miles and miles of the camp, filled with thousands of dead warriors and witches, all of whom had seemingly died from sheer terror or fright.

“Fucking hell, that’s a sight to behold,” Brander whispered, his hands resting on the wall. “They didn’t even spare the horses.” My attention slid to the stables, noting the dead horses that littered the ground as if trying to flee when struck down. “That’s fucked up.”

“I’ve never had a problem determining the cause of death before.  There’s always been a way to sense if magic was used, but I can’t find any residue. The fear that the victims felt was real. Was it something conjured or someone they had seen moving through the camp, holding them locked in fear unto death?”

They look fucking terrified with their mouths wide open and eyes larger than the snow owls that should be feasting on the rodents,” Brander stated. “Look at the trees, Knox.”

My eyes swung to the trees, noting the large birds of prey perched on their branches. They didn’t move even though easy meals ran about, eating the dead. My blood chilled, continuing to watch them stalk their prey but never making a move to strike.

Something dropped inside the tower beside us, and we both turned, eyeing it suspiciously. I nodded to Brander, creeping toward the darkened building, bathed in shadows. Brander went around the battlement, his speed effortless as he appeared on the other side, trapping whatever had fallen. I drew my swords, slowly holding Brander’s stare before we slid into the small, protected tower that sat on the corner of the castle wall.

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Ruins of Chaos - Legacy of the Nine Realms 3

Ruins of Chaos - Legacy of the Nine Realms 3 PDF

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EditionInternational Edition
ISBN1952712084, 978-1952712081
Posted onNovember 30, 2020
Page Count697 pages
AuthorAmelia Hutchins

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