Interesting Stories for Curious People PDF

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Table of Contents

Interesting Stories for Curious People

Interesting Stories for Curious People Summary

Interesting Stories for Curious People, the ultimate guidebook for a plethora of interesting facts about a whole bunch of several different topics. A quick read packed with information from cover to cover.

Here you will find out:

How did a Frenchman successfully use a spontaneous combustion defense during a murder trial?
How did a German teenager help end the Cold War?
Why did some really smart guys think foam houses would be the wave of the future?
What is a chupacabra and why are there two of them?
Did Cleopatra really die from a snake bite?

You’ll be glued to the pages of this book reading interesting fact after interesting fact as Interesting Stories for Curious People brings you the in-depth knowledge of some things you may have heard about and always wondered, but now will learn the truth. You’ll finally be able to separate fact from fiction and will be surprised to learn that some of the things you’ve been told, even by your teachers, were just plain wrong!

Whether you are a trivia maven or just a person who likes to learn new things, you’ll learn something new and find yourself entertained as you discover some of the most fascinating criminals, ghost stories, strange habits of historical figures, and just weird things that are a part of our world. So open this book and your mind and see another side of things that you may not know existed.

Interesting Stories for Curious People Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Interesting Stories for Curious People: A Fascinating Collection of Stories Relating to History, Pop Culture, Science, and Just About Anything Else You Can Think Of. This book will introduce you to some of the strangest facts on the face of the earth. You’ll learn about a Kansas town that people claim is so haunted that many call it the “Gateway to Hell,” as well as an urban myth about a Soviet drilling expedition that may—or may not have—opened a portal to Hell.

You’ll learn about strange historical facts that were more than likely overlooked in your history classes. How Alexander the Great died, how Cleopatra died, what happened to American Indian leader Sequoya, and the truth about Christopher Columbus’ expedition are just a few of the historical stories you’ll read about.

The thin line between science fact and science fiction is also explored in many stories. You’ll read about a star that is many times bigger and brighter than our own, what will happen when computers become self-aware, what causes “brain freeze,” and how the government has been actively searching for extraterrestrials.

You’ll also learn a few pop culture tidbits that you may find interesting. Did you know that several popular American 1970s sitcoms were inspired by shows on British television? You’ll read about how the popular 1960s American sitcom Hogan’s Heroes was hated by some but loved by many and how the star of the show lived a dark, double life. And you’ll find out about how A-list actor Mark Wahlberg was once a drug-dealing thug before he became one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world.

There are also a number of true crime cases thrown in this book for good measure. But these true crime stories are among some of the strangest you’ll have ever heard about. We have a celebrity cannibal, serial killers, and a young antihero who liked to steal planes in his bare feet. Undoubtedly, these anecdotes will keep you glued to the pages.

And for all you sports fans, there are plenty of interesting stories about some of your favorite athletes and games.

Prepare to laugh, shrug, shake your head, and learn tons of new, intriguing information. Who says reading can't be fun?!

Fighting Boredom in the Ancient World

With everything that the modern world has to offer (from the Internet to television and numerous sports-related pastimes), we really have no reason to experience boredom. But of course, it still happens. Maybe we are victims of sensory overload or perhaps we’ve just become spoiled from all the technology at our disposal.

Have you ever wondered what people did to pass the time when the Giza pyramids were being built?

Life may have been tougher in ancient Egypt, and people didn’t live as long on average, but they still had to devise ways to deal with their boredom. After all, it was not “all work and no play for Neferhotep.”

You may be surprised to know that the ancient Egyptians enjoyed imbibing beer nearly every day, oftentimes all day! It wasn’t that the Egyptians were necessarily a culture of soaks, they just didn’t have access to potable water. Even back then, the Nile River was full of animal waste, making it undrinkable for the most part. Beer was the safe alternative.

While the majority of Egyptians drank beer, the nobles chose wine as their favorite alcoholic beverage.

All Egyptians enjoyed public and private celebrations, where a certain level of drunkenness was not only expected but encouraged. As they were drinking their beer or wine, many Egyptians also enjoyed playing the world’s oldest board game—senet. Although modern scholars don’t know all the details of gameplay, senet was a two-player game where pieces were moved after rolling dice, similar to backgammon. Senet games probably got pretty heated when the players were drunk, especially since betting would have been frequent.

So, the next time your power goes out and you’re feeling bored, think about the ancient Egyptians

E.T. Are You out There?

Recent polls show that about half of all people believe in extraterrestrial (alien) life, so there’s a good chance that you are one of those people. It seems logical to believers that with all of the stars and planets out there, at least one of them has to have life.

…and then there are all those people who claim to have seen an actual UFO.

Polls show that 10 to 20 percent of all people claim to have seen something floating around the sky that simply could not be explained. All of this leads to the idea that aliens have been visiting (and possibly making contact with us) for some time.

But what if we’ve been the ones making contact?

Of course, we don’t yet have the technology to send out our own manned space probes beyond the solar system, but, as E.T. did in the movie, we do have the ability to send and receive long-distance messages.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) generally refers to a variety of different programs intended to discover alien life through airwaves. In the decades since World War II, various individuals, universities, and eventually even NASA have developed programs to study radio waves coming from space to see if any of them have been sent by intelligent life.

There are also programs where messages have been sent from Earth to beyond the solar system, which are known as “active SETI.”

This may sound like a pretty straightforward way of contacting aliens, but it is a lot more complex than it sounds. Any “message” received or sent would be contained inside radio waves, therefore making it difficult to determine if there is an actual message present. It would be up to the SETI scientists to peel off the layers of waves to see if there is a message hidden within. In other words, we may have already received alien communication without realizing it!

There is also the fact that any aliens out there might be at our level of technological advancement, or even behind us.

And finally, our messages may have been received by some beings who just don’t care.

Would you respond to one of our messages?

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Interesting Stories for Curious People

Interesting Stories for Curious People PDF

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EditionInternational Edition
ISBN164845044X, 978-1648450440
Posted onMarch 17, 2020
Page Count236 pages
AuthorBill O'Neill

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