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Table of Contents

Christmas Crush

Christmas Crush Summary

Christmas Crush: Watching Ruby build a life away from Reindeer Valley hasn’t been easy, but I had to let her spread her wings and find out what she really wants. I’ve known what I wanted from the moment I saw her in high school. But I was a jerk then, someone who didn’t understand what love truly meant. Now I do.

And now it’s time for Ruby to come home. Her grandmother’s bakery has (quite mysteriously) been overwhelmed with holiday orders over the past week, and Grams needs help. There’s only one person she can call, one person with the know-how to bake the mountain of Christmas cakes and cookies.


When she comes home, I’m going to show her how I’ve changed and how much she means to me. I only hope that will be enough to convince her to stay here with me in Reindeer Valley forever.

MINK's Note: Grab your favorite furry friend and cocoa for this sweet holiday tale with a HEA.

About the Author

MINK writes sweet and salty romances that are always satisfied with a happily ever after. Her dream job is Editor-in-Chief at Cat Fancy, and she can be found with a kitty in her lap, her Kindle in her hand, and a cup of coffee steaming next to her.

Christmas Crush Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

“Thanks for all the help.” Mrs. Lane gives me a warm smile.

“Anytime.” I adjust a few of the thermostat controls on the back of her convection oven before rolling it against the wall again.

Her bakery smells like cinnamon and vanilla, Christmas baking in full swing.

“There’s simply no way I can fill all my orders without that oven working. I need both full-time.” She wipes the back of her hand across her forehead, smearing some flour into her already-white hair.

“And if I’m being honest, I still don’t know if I can get it all done before Christmas. The orders just won’t stop.”

“That’s not a bad thing.” I test the controls. They’re working fine. “Let’s see if it heats.”

“It’s not a bad thing.” She turns and looks at the stainless steel table in the middle of her bakery, every inch of it filled with cakes and cookies in various states of construction or icing.

“But I think it’s finally time I hired someone on to help. The only problem is nobody has the skills I need. So much of this is taught.” She wrings her hands. “If I tried to train a new person, it would take me even longer to get everything finished.”

“Orders have picked up that much?”

“Knox.” She shakes her head. “I don’t know how, but I’m suddenly the busiest bakery in the world, it seems like. I’ve already filled 30 orders this morning alone. Cakes, cookies, pastries—you name it.”

“Hmm, yeah, you do seem overwhelmed.”

“You don’t happen to know how to bake, do you?” she asks.

“Sorry, Mrs. Lane. I’m more of a metal and grease kind of guy.” I shrug.

“I know.” She leans against the counter. “You’re a lifesaver when my equipment breaks. I can’t ask for more. How’s your father? I heard he’s been ill.”

“He’s fine. Just banging around in that big old house and terrorizing the help every chance he gets. Same as always.” I check the oven once more. “It’s getting to temp properly now. You should be good to go.”

“Thanks so much. What do I owe you?” She follows me to the front of the shop.

“I’ll just put it on your tab.” I sidestep Olin as he walks to the counter to place a slew of new orders.

“Hi, Olin. I’ll be right with you. More orders?” she asks somewhat incredulously.

He nods. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Yes, I’ll be with you in a second. Knox, you have to let me pay you something. My tab has to be huge by now. You’ve never charged me for—”

“No worries.” I wave her concern away. But before I push out the door, I pause.

Olin glances at me and waits.

I clear my throat. “Mrs. Lane?”

“Yes?” She digs behind the counter and pulls out a worn check register. “How much?”

“No.” I shake my head. “Not that. It’s just …” My palms get sweaty, and I feel like I’m trying to kick a field goal to win a game. Not just any game, the biggest game of my life. “Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Ruby to come to help out? She knows how to bake.”

“She better. I taught her all my tricks.” She smiles. “I don’t know, Knox. She’s so busy with her job ever since she graduated college. She hasn’t even come to visit. It was like pulling teeth to get her home at all the past few years, what with her course load and everything. And now she’s in the big city.”

“I know. But surely she’ll get some time off for the holidays? You need help, and it seems to me like Ruby is the only one who can step in for you. Especially since you keep getting so many orders.” I gesture toward Olin.

“Twenty more.” He shrugs.

“Twenty cakes?” Mrs. Lane’s eyes widen. “For who? There’s no way you’re eating all this. Look at you. All muscle.”

Olin shrugs. “I have clients who love your cakes. What can I say?”

Mrs. Lane raises a brow but readies her pen to take his order.

I give Olin a brief nod before swinging the door open, the bell tinkling in the cold December air.

“You know what?” Mrs. Lane calls after me.

I turn, my breath coming out in steam as a snow flurry surrounds me. “Yes, ma’am?”

“You’re right. I’m going to call Ruby. She needs to come home. It’s been too long. And I know our little town isn’t the fast city life, but I need help.”

I smile and try to play off the way my heart leaps and my body heats. “She’ll come running if you say you need her. She’s a good girl, Mrs. Lane.”

“She is.” She nods and waves me away as I let the door close.

I stand there staring down the quaint Main Street of Reindeer Valley. A few cars pass as I wait, my heart still pounding as I think about Ruby finally coming home where she belongs.

The bell rings behind me, and Olin steps out.

I pull a list from my back pocket and hand it to him.

“More?” he asks.


“What are we going to do with all these cookies?” He groans.

“Get to work.” I hitch a thumb over my shoulder and stride away, the snow swirling around a few cars as they pass. Olin goes back into the bakery, adding to his order. My order.

I smile as I pull my coat tighter around me and head for my mechanic shop. I have to get ready for Ruby, though I don’t think she’s ready for me. But once she’s here, that’s half the battle. All I have to do now is convince her to stay.

She was meant for Reindeer Valley. And more than that, she was meant for me.

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Christmas Crush

Christmas Crush PDF

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Posted onDecember 4, 2021
Page Count137 pages

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Christmas Crush: Watching Ruby build a life away from Reindeer Valley hasn’t been easy, but I had to let her spread her wings and find out what she really wants. I’ve known what I wanted from the moment I saw her in high school. But I was a jerk then, someone who didn’t understand what love truly meant. Now I do.


Author: MINK

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