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Table of Contents

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn Summary

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn: A sweet, cozy small-town holiday romance perfect for snuggling up by the fire with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a cat or two by your side.

When Julie Green’s ailing grandmother asks her to arrange one last party at the old Inn she used to run, Julie can’t say no even though the last thing she wants is to leave the city for middle-of-nowhere Vermont. Even worse, Cozy Holly Inn is in disrepair, there’s a persnickety cat hiding in the basement and the family of grinches who own the competing inn down the street seems determined to ruin her chances of success.

Nolan Miller retreated to Pinecone Falls, Vermont, to heal his broken heart and help his grandfather run Barrington Lodge – a rustic old bed-and-breakfast that has been in the family for generations.

This year, though, he needs to find a way to get his Christmas spirit back before he turns into a grinch like his father and grandfather. But even if he gets his spirit back, he’s not letting anyone in again, especially not Julie Green who has made it clear she’s leaving town as soon as she can.

But when Julie needs help, Nolan can’t say no, and putting the party together makes Julie realize that small-town friendships might have more to offer than big city lights.

Kringle, the cat, only wants a warm home and his forever human. This girl, Julie, does not seem to fit the bill no matter what the nice lady at the animal shelter told him.

Julie knows nothing about cats so he will do his best to get her to return him to the shelter. But as the week unfolds, Kringle discovers that people can change in surprising ways, and sometimes what you thought you wanted, isn’t what you really needed at all.

About the Author

Meredith Summers spent her childhood summers in Ogunquit Maine and never forgot the soft soothing feeling of the beach. She hopes to share that feeling with you through her books which are all light feel-good reads.

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn Introduction

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

“Vermont can’t be that bad. I bet it’s pretty with all the snow.”

Julie Green frowned at the static coming from the Bluetooth speakers. Her friend Cheryl was trying to be supportive, but she sensed doubt in her voice. She couldn’t blame her—snow was pretty in pictures and Christmas movies, but not so much when you had to drive in it.

“That’s because you’re not trying to navigate in all this whiteness. I can’t even see where the roads are.” Julie’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel. She hunched close to the windshield, a posture that was driving nails into her shoulders, in the hopes of finding the edges of the turnoff she was looking for. “I’m just glad I rented something with four-wheel drive.”

The Bluetooth speakers crackled. Cheryl’s voice cut in and out, leaving only snatches of the conversation. “What… can’t hear…”

Darn it! She’d overshot the turn. Understandable since the roads were hardly plowed and the access road to the inn was narrow.

This was what she got for agreeing to return to the middle of nowhere—also known as Pinecone Falls—to help her grandmother host one last Christmas Eve party. Gram had been famous for them before she’d shut down the family inn and moved to a retirement community.

“What?” Cheryl said again, unhelpfully.

“Nothing,” Julie shouted. Not that shouting would help cover the distance from Pinecone Falls, Vermont, to her home in Boston. “I’m in the middle of nowhere. The signal must be cutting out.”

Snatches of static colored Cheryl’s next words, but as Julie eased the truck into reverse and then turned into the unplowed drive of the family inn, at least she managed to catch a full sentence this time.

“Maybe you should have stayed in Boston.”

“Right, because the one thing that would make this year better after losing my job would be to spend Christmas alone.”

She held her breath and squinted through the windshield. Somewhere short of state lines, the wipers had left a smear across the glass, and she’d run out of windshield wiper fluid.

She would grab more in Pinecone Falls when she went for a grocery run, but in the meantime, it left her squinting like a little old lady instead of the confident, thirty-two-year-old woman she was. If she could navigate Boston in rush hour, these back roads should be a piece of cake.

Should be. Her front passenger-side tire slipped off the winding drive and into the ditch. Fortunately, she was going at a crawl, and the four-wheel drive had no trouble compensating when she corrected back onto the unseen path.

The mounds of fresh, white snow looked fluffy and inviting—until she had to drive through them. She’d give anything for Boston streets right now. Not that it didn’t snow down there, but at least they plowed. The city streets never seemed to accumulate that much of it unless there was a huge storm, and then she’d simply take the bus to work.

“Don’t you worry about your job,” Cheryl said.

“It’s been four months since Boston Best downsized and kicked me to the curb. I think I have the right to worry a little.”

A burst of static drowned out the beginning of Cheryl’s next sentence, but she ended with, “…put in a good word for you. I’m sure you’re going to get a call from HR any day now.”

Cheryl had jumped ship with Boston Best magazine long before Julie had noticed the signs that the magazine was on its way out. The fashion magazine Cheryl worked at now had an opening, and it was Julie’s best hope at stable employment in the near future. If only Christmas wasn’t less than two weeks away, with most management off work for the holidays.

“It’s too close to Christmas. Maybe I’ll get a call in January.”

“Trust me, you’ll get a call,” Cheryl said, her emphatic tone heard even above the spotty cell phone service. “As long as you have the signal in Podunk, Vermont, to answer it!”

Julie smiled weakly and corrected around another bend in the road. Had the driveway been this long the last time she was here?

“If not, there’s always email.”

“Or you could come home, like a sane person.”

That, Julie couldn’t do. Gram had turned eighty years old this year. Although she had run the family bed-and-breakfast, the Cozy Holly Inn, into her seventies, about ten years ago, she’d made the difficult decision to shut down the business. Julie knew it had broken her heart. In a way, it had broken Julie’s too. Even though she hadn’t visited Pinecone Falls in years, she had fond memories of staying with her Gram and Gramps, when he was alive. She missed the simplicity of those years.

“I can’t. I’m almost there.”

The party wasn’t even the real reason she couldn’t go back to Boston with her tail between her legs, but she was afraid Cheryl would laugh if she knew the truth.

When Gram had called and asked Julie to undertake this one last Christmas Eve party, she had sounded… fragile. The older Julie grew, the less time she seemed to have for visits with family. She didn’t want to think about how much time she had left with Gram, especially now that she wasn’t as active as she’d been while running the family inn.

“Okay, okay. I’ll text you from civilization. Try to have a good time.”

“Bye.” Julie thumbed the button on the steering wheel to end the call. The beep echoed in the silent truck cab. The tension in her shoulders had mounted into screaming pain. With one hand on the steering wheel, she adjusted her position to stretch her back.

One last turn, and the inn came into view. Blankets of white bracketed the idyllic view. More snow dusted the steeply sloping roof.

Painted a warm blue, the large, three-story house seemed almost asleep, nestled between snow-topped conifers. Icicles dripping from the roof caught the light, reminding Julie of how the inn would look once she strung Christmas lights outside. It was peaceful. Gorgeous.

But as she drew the truck to a stop in front of the steps, the reality became apparent. Paint had chipped off the covered porch stairs and some of the siding. A shutter on one of the lower windows hung crooked. The banister looked askew. And that was just what she saw at first glance.

Julie sighed and leaned her forehead against the steering wheel. The vibrations of the engine started to give her a headache. She shut off the truck.

“Maybe not so magical, then.”

But she could work with it. Gram had given her the phone number of a carpenter in Pinecone Falls who was an old friend and ready to come out to the inn as soon as she called. She would load the porch with Christmas lights.

The party was at night and in the dark, so no one would notice the need for a fresh coat of paint. All she had to do was decorate the house and confirm the catering that Gram had already set up. No problem.

Weary from the drive, Julie opened the door and jumped down into snow that came up to her knees. She yelped as the cold seeped around, into, and through her expensive suede boots. What had been adequate footwear for the shoveled sidewalks of Boston wouldn’t last her thirty minutes in Pinecone Falls. Shivering, she rounded the truck to get her suitcase.

As she ducked under the low-hanging branch of a pine tree to get there, a heap of snow plopped off the branch, hit her neck, and then slid down the back of her jacket.

“Great. Just great.” Julie fervently hoped that this wouldn’t be an omen of her trip. One way or another, she was stuck here in the middle of nowhere, with questionable cell phone service, for the next ten days.

Her trip was not off to the best start.

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Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn

Christmas At Cozy Holly Inn PDF

Product details:

EditionKindle Edition
Posted onNovember 18, 2021
Page Count240 pages
AuthorMeredith Summers

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn PDF Book Free - HUB PDF

Christmas at Cozy Holly Inn: A sweet, cozy small-town holiday romance perfect for snuggling up by the fire with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a cat or two by your side.


Author: Meredith Summers

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